TSL Standard 20m
$549.00 NZ*
Lifeguard PSOA LG6.6
$546.00 NZ*
Lifeguard PSOA LG6.4
$459.00 NZ*
$116.90 NZ*
$151.40 NZ*
Caravan Flush Appliance
$41.00 NZ*
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Jackson Electrical Safety Systems

Customer: Jackson Electrical
Project: Lifeguard Testing LG17

Since forming in 1977...

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Published: Sep 23, 2014

Auckland Today: The Power Application Leaders

Customer: Jackson Electrical Ind
Project: Auckland Today Sept-Oct 2014

"The company has recently developed a new temporary site lighting system called a TSL," managing director Jim Jackson says. After manufacturing a similar product over the past three years, this is a generational change. Construction sites demand systems that can withstand the demands of a very harsh environment; they need something reliable that can endure rain, wind, snow and the unforgiving nature of the industry....

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Published: Sept-Oct 2014


Customer: Jackson Electrical Industries
Project: Electrolink May-June 2014

Yet another life had been saved by the rapidly responding RCDs that stand sentinel over human life in every ‘Lifeguard’ portable electrical product designed and engineered by Jackson Electrical....

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Published: MAY - JUNE 2014