TSL Standard 20m
$549.00 NZ*
Lifeguard PSOA LG6.6
$546.00 NZ*
Lifeguard PSOA LG6.4
$459.00 NZ*
$116.90 NZ*
$151.40 NZ*
Caravan Flush Appliance
$41.00 NZ*
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Jackson ‘TSL’ Temporary Site Lighting in storm conditions.

Customer: Jackson Electrical Industries Ltd
Project: Rugged lighting solution.

Impressive footage from a test installation of the TSL product at The Jackson Onehunga manufacturing plant, during a thunder, lightning, and hail storm during the early hours of 30 October 2014.


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Published: 30 October 2014

Jackson Electrical Safety Systems

Customer: Jackson Electrical
Project: Lifeguard Testing LG17

Since forming in 1977...

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Published: Sep 23, 2014

Auckland Today: The Power Application Leaders

Customer: Jackson Electrical Ind
Project: Auckland Today Sept-Oct 2014

"The company has recently developed a new temporary site lighting system called a TSL," managing director Jim Jackson says. After manufacturing a similar product over the past three years, this is a generational change. Construction sites demand systems that can withstand the demands of a very harsh environment; they need something reliable that can endure rain, wind, snow and the unforgiving nature of the industry....

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Published: Sept-Oct 2014