TSL Standard 20m
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TSL Standard
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Caravan Flush Appliance
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Caravan Flush Appliance
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Future proof your charging: QIKFIT TUF 5A Type A&C

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Future proof your charging with QIKFIT TUF 5A Type A&C

The Elsafe QIKFIT ‘Twin USB Fast charger TUF’ has been developed to provide a compact power source for charging portable devices without the need for plug in chargers. Simply plug the device’s USB charging lead into either the Type-C or Type-A USB port for class leading charging performance. The QIKFIT Twin USB Fast charger is designed to be used in the Elsafe floor, desk and ceiling boxes....

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Published: February 2017

ABL Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Customer: Jackson Electrical
Project: ABL Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ABL Electric Vehicle Charging Stations...

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Published: December 2016

Production Manager Opportunity

Customer: Jackson Industries Ltd
Project: Production Manager Opportunity 2017

Are you looking for a new challenge in 2017?...

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