Elsafe Prodigy Cable Basket

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Elsafe Prodigy Cable Basket - new arrival


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Article in Concrete NZ Volume 60 Issue 1 2018

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Concrete NZ

This Concrete NZ article on formliner development details just how diverse Jackson Industries is… ...

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Published: Volume 60, Issue 1, 2018

Elsafe Colour Coded Cable Lengths

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Elsafe Colour Coded Cable Lengths

Elsafe Interconnecting Leads are now coded with different colored cable ties for each length....

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Published: April 2018

Onehunga Festival ’18

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Onehunga Festival '18

Onehunga Festival '18 ...

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Published: February 2018

Point Resolution Bridge

Customer: Warren and Mahoney
Project: Crossing in Style

A pedestrian bridge with flair. ...

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Published: 2014

Creative Concrete Formwork for a Nugent Street Building

Customer: Dominion Constructors & Jasmax Architecture
Project: Reconstructive Surgery

A new facade for an existing building, with complex structural challenges....

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Published: 2013 - 2014

Formliners for Vector Whitewater Park

Customer: HEB Construction
Project: Snappy Exterior, Fun Interior

A fun facade for an artificial whitewater theme park....

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Published: 2014

Earthquake Strengthening of St Mary’s of the Angels Church

Customer: St Mary's of the Angels, Wellington
Project: Reinforcing our Heritage

A historic church gets much-needed support....

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Published: 2014

Otahuhu Interchange

Customer: Auckland Transport
Project: Terminus Reflects Culture

A rail-bus station that celebrates our origins....

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Published: 2016 - 2017

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