Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

“In a few years time, people will look back on petrol engines in the same way we look back on steam engines. They’ll talk about what a good time it was, but it’s over now and it’s not coming back.”

Elon Musk, Tesla

If you are looking for a  practical solution for charging your electric car choose the eMH1 charging station. When you can charge your vehicle safely, driving on electric power is really fun. ‘Little things for big jobs’: The eMH1 is actually the smallest charging station in the world and fits in any garage. It looks great and can recharge any electric car. The eMH1 developed naturally and now offers solutions for new requirements. Are you looking for a charging station you can connect yourself ? Do you have a fleet of vehicles that needs to be individually billed? Not a problem: The following information will tell you all you need to know about the entire eMH1 series.

Top 10 Advantages of eMH1

1. Space-saving housing with a depth of just 10.5 cm
2. Easy to use
3. Pre-installed ready-to-connect
4. It’s possible to read the operating status at any time via LED
5. Controlled access to the switchgear through a lockable panel
6. Integrated fault current circuit breaker for your safety
7. Additional integrated DC fault current detection
8. RFID with teach-in function and smart update
9. GSM communication module with OCPP standard
10. It can be linked to other charging stations via RS 485 interface

When you need a fast recharge, the eMH2 is the right choice. Charging time is reduced considerably thanks to a charging capacity of up to 22 KW. The available charge current is individually adjustable, depending on the current permitted by your domestic supply. Perfect for private and semi-public areas such as underground and undercover, hotel and company car parks. Thanks to its weatherproof housing, the eMH2 is also suitable for outdoor and carport installations. The eMH2 is pre-assembled for installation and ready for use.

The new ABL charging pole is made from extremely weather-proof powder-coated metal. A prefabricated base plate guarantees quick and easy on-site installation. eMC1 High power with a charging capacity up to 44 kW is an AC high speed charger. Two electric vehicles may be charged at high power at the same time.