Elsafe Softwiring

From furniture systems to hotels the Elsafe Softwiring System provides for fast and flexible installation, saving time and money. The Elsafe Softwiring System is a reusable, plug together system that can be used for a variety of applications.

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Elsafe Trade Price List 2017

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Elsafe Softwiring is designed for:

  • • Workstations
  • • Furniture Systems
  • • Shops
  • • Offices
  • • Hotels
  • • Residential
  • • Factories
  • • Exhibitions
  • Starter Sockets

    Starter Sockets Starter sockets are the connecting devices most commonly used to connect the modular soft wiring to the fixed wiring of the building.

  • Power Sockets

    Power Sockets A complete system of plug together outlets, wiring and distribution blocks. It provides a wide variety of configurations, outlet and mounting options.

  • Desk Top Modules

    Desk Top Modules A tidy solution for all power or data requirements in a variety of stylish designs.

  • In Desk Boxes

    n Desk Boxes In Desk Boxes provide an excellent solution for power and data communication requirements in desk tops.

  • Floor Boxes

    Floor Boxes Floor Boxes provide an excellent solution for power and data communication requirements in open spaces.

  • Umbilicals & Messengers

    v Umbilicals are specifically designed to provide a neat and tidy solution to the problem of reticulating power and data cables.

  • Audio Visual Panels

    Audio Visual Panels Audio and Visual (AV) components are a vital part of the Elsafe range.

  • USB Chargers

    USB Chargers Charge your devices with the Elsafe USB charging range.

  • Accessories

    Accessories Interconnecting leads, safety end caps, locking cams and eyes, splitters… GST connectors are compliant to the standard AS/NZSS61535.