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In an ever evolving industry, we are constantly exploring new technical territory. We currently operate six 5-Axis and four 3-Axis Machining Centre and have a variety of other equipment including lathes and welders, so there is no project too big, or too small for us!

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Jackson Industries CNC Machining Centres:

Detailed above are our current machining centres available for your projects (for images of these please see below). We are also able to provide services for:

Composites: Jackson Industries has been involved in the manufacturing of composite structures for our LIFEGUARD® electrical distribution equipment for over 30 years.

Engineering Design: We specialise in product and mould design, custom fixtures and jigs, foundry patterns, high temperature composite and aluminium moulds, costing and process optimisation.

3D CAD Modelling: We primarily use SolidWorks and can work with Rhino 3D CAD models as well. We work with common file types such as STL, DXF, STEP, IGES, X_B, X_T (parasolids). We can also work with any engineering drawings you may supply in PDF or physical paper form.

Project Management: We utilise project management software to effectively manage all aspects of your project. Our project managers monitor production schedules, material requirements and labour resources to efficiently execute your project on time and within budget.

Research & Development: We pride ourselves on our ability to carry out product development in-house, minimising the outsourcing of processes, allowing us to take control of quality and reliability of the supply chain. As a result, we are constantly improving, building new products in-house and for clients, innovating and developing new processes to further excel in the industry.

Rotational Moulding: We rotationally mould LIFEGUARD® units in house. We take care of the entire process of rotational moulding from initial tool design, all the way through to manufacture of the final part.

Design for Manufacture: We work with clients all over the country to help the develop their ideas and bring them to life. We can work with you to ensure anything you have designed can be machined correctly and is fit for purpose.

Cost Optimisation: Due to the vast knowledge, skills and materials available to the Advanced Engineering Department, we are able to offer a service that is tailored to suit your budget and requirements. Sometimes all it takes is the offer of a different option for a client which will tick all their boxes while saving them thousands of dollars and/or weeks of development time!

CMS Ares 1
CMS Ares 2
3-Axis Router 1
3-Axis Router 2