PLC Design and Services

Our team offers many years of experience in delivering automation and control solutions. Experience that involves designing, building, installing and commissioning automated systems for a broad range of projects covering different sectors of the industry.

Being equipped with these skills has granted Jackson knowledge in the products we sell, enabling us to provide effective and continuous technical support for the items we offer. We design systems to meet client’s requirements, build them to fulfil the specifications, and test and commission them to ensure accurate results.

Our Automation department has gained specialized knowledge in
Vessel Alarm Monitoring Information and Control Systems (VAMICS).

Featured VAMICS projects noted below:
  • • Adagio: Length 22m
  • • Black Pearl: Length 31.5m
  • • Bliss: Length 36.8m
  • • Bristolian: Length 37m
  • • Liara: Length 31.69m
  • • Liara II: Length 30m
  • • M.V. Golden Bay Cement Ship: 4000 tonnes
  • • Rio Tinto Tug Boats: Oita – Length 33m
  • • Rio Tinto Tug Boats: Pilbara Thor – Length 32m
  • • Shahtoosh: Length 22.9m
PLC Design & Service Industry Experience:
  • • Food & Dairy
  • • Refrigeration
  • • Water treatment
  • • Automated toilets (Exeloo)
  • • Power sub-stations
  • • Concrete Pipes Machinery Control
  • • Winch Control
  • • Plastic Machine Control
  • • Printing and Labeling Machines
  • • Elevator Control

We have an open mind for new ventures and automation related projects, so please
contact our PLC department if you would like to discuss details further.

PLC Design Customer References:
  • • Perroplas
  • • HyndsPipe
  • • Exeloo
  • • Alloy Yachts
  • • Yachting Development

Relevant Brochures:

Relevant Brochures