OE Elsafe Softwiring

OE Elsafe Softwiring

From office fitouts to airport lounges the OE Elsafe Softwiring System provides for fast and flexible installation, saving time and money. The OE Elsafe Softwiring System is a reusable, plug together system that can be used for a variety of applications.

OE Elsafe Softwiring is designed for:

Offices, cafes, hotels, hospitals, airport lounges, sports centres, shopping centres, service-counters, schools, AV studios and many more places.

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  • Starter Sockets

    Starter Sockets Starter sockets are the connecting devices most commonly used to connect the modular soft wiring to the fixed wiring of the building.

  • Power Sockets

    Power Sockets A complete system of plug together outlets, wiring and distribution blocks. It provides a wide variety of configurations, outlet and mounting options.

  • Desk Top Modules

    Desk Top Modules A tidy solution for all power or data requirements in a variety of stylish designs.

  • In Desk Boxes

    n Desk Boxes In Desk Boxes provide an excellent solution for power and data communication requirements in desk tops.

  • Floor Boxes

    Floor Boxes Floor Boxes provide an excellent solution for power and data communication requirements in open spaces.

  • Umbilicals & Messengers

    v Umbilicals are specifically designed to provide a neat and tidy solution to the problem of reticulating power and data cables.

  • Audio Visual Panels

    Audio Visual Panels Audio and Visual (AV) components are a vital part of the OE Elsafe range.

  • USB/Wireless Chargers

    USB Chargers Charge your devices with the OE Elsafe USB/Wireless charging range.

  • Accessories

    Accessories Interconnecting leads, safety end caps, locking cams and eyes, splitters… GST connectors are compliant to the standard AS/NZSS61535.