ABL Sursum

For more than 25 years, Jackson Electrical have imported the trusted ABL Sursum brand of connectors, plugs and sockets from Germany.

Connections that are perfectly stable

CEE plug connections from ABL Sursum not only hold steady, they are also highly resilient. Their high disruptive strength, high wear resistance and great stability against external mechanical wear are just some of their advantages. Their long life ensures an efficient investment in the highest quality.

Connections that remain sealed

New Zealand weather can at times be unpredictable, creating new endurance tests in which only the most sophisticated products can survive. All ABL Sursum products are made from high quality plastics (PA6 or PC/ABS) and have special characteristics to cope with our extreme applications. ABL Sursum plugs and connectors come with IP 67 rating and stay connected and watertight under all conditions.

Connections which stand up in all sorts of weather

ABL Sursum products have a temperature resistance of
25°C to 80°C, and short term (up to an hour) even up to 100°C. High weather resistance increases the level of quality with very good insulation characteristics and sets almost no limits when it comes to use.

ABL Sursum ABL Sursum