Audio Visual Panels

OE Elsafe provides many solutions to suit your individual AV needs. We can provide AV components already installed into our extremely versatile QF5 tiles or alternatively QF5 tiles can be provided with AV cutouts to facilitate your own individual AV installation.
The Elsafe QF5 tiles are a clever modular product that has been designed to fit into all of the OE Elsafe range from our floor boxes to the extensive OE Elsafe rail options to the ceiling boxes.
To complete your installation OE Elsafe can also provide Leads for both AV and Data components and our expert staff are only too happy to offer advice on all aspects of your AV and Data requirements.

  • 1x RCA Coupler White

    1x RCA Coupler White
    Part Number – 295109

  • 1x RCA Coupler White

    1x RCA Coupler White
    Part Number – 150793

  • S-Video Keystone Coupler

    S-Video Keystone Coupler
    Part Number – 295120

  • VGA Cutout

    VGA Cutout
    Part Number – 295101

  • VGA Coupler White

    VGA Coupler White
    Part Number – 294188

  • USB Keystone Coupler

    USB Keystone Coupler
    Part Number – 294189

  • Audio Cutout

    Audio Cutout
    Part Number – 295104

  • Audio Coupler

    Audio Coupler
    Part Number – 295123

  • HDMI Keystone Coupler

    HDMI Keystone Coupler
    Part Number – 295115

  • Data Cutout AUNZ

    Part Number – 150771

  • Data Cutout Keystone

    Part Number – 150781

  • Blank

    Part Number – 150778