Fuji Electric

Jackson Electrical and Fuji developed a relationship back in 1976 to supply New Zealand with an affordable and dependable ELCBs to protect our workforce from electrocution.

Since 1976 Jackson have been incorporating Fuji ELCB into their Lifeguard range of power distribution boards, with similar company philosophies is was an easy choice to help develop the Lifeguard brand.

  • ELCB (EW 160)

    ELCB (EW 160)

    Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers are all based on the same frame sizes and their MCCB range and have a solid state amplifier which are highly effective and respond quickly to ground faults.

    Fuji ELCB’s come in 15mA, 30mA, 100mA, 200mA and 500mA.

  • MCCB (BW 100)

    MCCB (BW 100)

    Moulded case circuit breakers available in 2p, 3p AND 4p and in current size as low as 15A and up to and including 1600A.
    These are made to Fuji’s high standard and reliability.

  • Contactors (SC)

    Contactors (SC)

    Fuji’s SC range of magnetic contactors are designed for long life and high performance. Available with snap on accessories such as auxiliary contact blocks and coil surge suppressors allow for quick and easy on site modifications.

  • Industrial Relay (SH)

    Industrial Relay (SH)

    The SH series of industrial relays by Fuji where designed to with increased contact reliability and can be used in low voltage circuits down to 5V, 3ma.
    The same snap accessories from the SC range of contactors also fit the SH series of relay allowing added flexibility.