Servo and Positioning Control System

The FALDIC-W – a brand new basic model of the FALDIC series now uses a RoHS compatible environmentally friendly servo system. Additionally, the range of application has increased with the new addition of 1.8kW and 2.9kW rated output. The FALDIC series keeps evolving to meet all market requirements.

Suppresses mechanical Vibration to the limit

A “Vibration Suppressing Control Function” is introduced, which is effective in controlling robot arm end vibration.

Realizes the integral control of parameters

Two RS-485 ports as standard

Easy Tuning

Simple optimum tuning between the machine and servomotor

IP67 (Servomotor)

Water and dust proof servomotor

RoHS compatible

Environmentally friendly servo system

Servo and Positioning Control System

    Servo Amplifier Servo Motor

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    Servo and Positioning Control System