LE-Net (Loop Link)

LE-net is an original network of Fuji Electric. It is a link system between processors to conduct communication with other nodes connected to the LE-net.

Using the LE-net, broadcast communication and message communication can be conducted.

The LE-net can be connected either as a multi-drop network or a single loop REDUNDANT working network.

If the transmission line is broken, a transmission error occurs in a multi-drop network, but in a loop network, data communication between nodes can continue. This enables construction of a highly reliable system at a relatively low cost.

  • Programmable Controllers Programmable Controllers (SPH)
  • Hakko Monitouch V8 Series Hakko Monitouch V8 Series
  • SX Network System SX Network System

LE-Net (Loop Link)

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    LE-Net (Loop Link)