SX Network System


Internationally noticeable open network for building management. System configuration as a device with distributed autonomous functions is enabled by the control functions incorporated in site devices. Replacement, update, addition, and removal of site devices can easily be performed.

FL-net (OPCN-2)

Open network at the FA application type controller level established by the Manufacturing Science and Technology Centrer and the Japan FA Open Systems Promotion Group. Allows inter-connection with PC, CNC, and robots beyond the frame of a signle manufacturer. The communication physical layer employs Ethernet.


Device level open network established by the EN 50170 suits time-critical applications between an automation system and distributed devices (remote I/Os, iverters, etc.)


Device-level open network established by Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association. Allows connection with PC and robots using the same signal line beyond the frame of a single manufacturer, very effective in open system improvement and optimization.


Open device-level network which facilitates inter-connection of control equipment such as PCs, personal computers, sensors, and actuators. Wiring cost reduction by minimizing wiring, and multi-vendor equipment connection simplify and economical system configuration.


Bit-level network optimum to distribution of the I/O equipment including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, pushbuttons, and intelligent equipment such as ultrasonic sensors.

  • Programmable Controllers (SPH) Programmable Controllers (SPH)
  • Hakko Monitouch V8 Series Hakko Monitouch V8 Series
  • LE-Net (Loop Link) LE-Net (Loop Link)

SX Network System

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    SX Network System