USB/Wireless Chargers

Twin USB Fast Charger (TUF) makes charging your device easier than ever. Fitted into one of OE Elsafe’s power and data modules the USB Fast Charge can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously and up to 5 X faster than a standard PC USB port. USB Fast Charger can be fitted in most OE Elsafe power and data modules allowing the user with access to USB charging for their device. USB Fast Charge is specifically designed to work with Apple, Blackberry and Android mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Bold and Nexus 7. USB Fast Charge will also charge most smartphones, as well as other USB powered devices such as cameras, GPS, MP3 players.

PLUTO satisfies a demand for power and data connectivity, in informal spaces, in a way that no other module has done before. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms and coffee tables – PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure.


OE Elsafe’s PIXEL design has been driven by the demand for a small accessible but discreet unit for the more discerning office worker. Fitting neatly into a standard 80mm cutout by means of a simple screw on clamp (no need for tools!) PIXEL takes up almost no room at all. You may even forget it’s there until you need it.


Designed to provide the user with a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket, PENDULUM not only adds style but also a splash of colour to the workplace with its exciting socket and bezel colour options.


POSE is a unique and versatile solution from  OE Elsafe for providing a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket in casual seating areas. POSE is supplied as standard with the flexible chrome gooseneck attached to a weighted base but can also be ordered with bespoke fixings for mounting direct to furniture, seating or even hospital bed frames.

ARC-80 Wireless Charger

ARC-80 is OE Elsafe’s next generation wireless fast charger offering the ultimate in convenient, cable free fast charging. Compact yet powerful ARC-80 will fast charge wireless enabled phones on contact with a Z-Power charging range of up to 8mm to accommodate phone cases. With up to 10W of charging power ARC-80 is one of the fastest wireless chargers on the market. Convenient for either a full charge or a quick boost when you need it most.


POP is a compact single socket power module, designed specifically for flush installation in a wide range of furniture and interior surfaces where a very small visual footprint is preferred.Fitting into a 50mm diameter aperture in any suitable hard surface, POP enables designers maximum flexibility in the location of convenient AC power and/or 25W USB charging sockets.Multiple POP units of the same or different socket configurations can easily be linked with OE Elsafe’s GST interconnect cables and supplied from a single power source.

Specify an OE Elsafe TUF A+C or TUF-R usb fast charging socket. International sockets available.

OE Elsafe USB TUF Charger complies to the national and international standards.
OE Elsafe manufacture all goods to the highest standard, ensuring compliance to all mandatory requirements. In fact OE Elsafe take safety so seriously that the OE Elsafe/Office Electrics group have staff on many national and international standards committees ensuring that we are at the forefront of safety and compliance.
One such area of our dedication to safe equipment is the OE Elsafe TUF (Twin USB Fast) charger. Every TUF charger is tested at least three times before despatch to ensure the highest quality standard, in addition to this OE Elsafe actively source the highest quality components to optimise reliability.
The TUF charger complies to the international standard IEC60950 Information technology equipment – Safety – Part 1: General requirements and also complies with the required standard EN61204 Low voltage power supplies, d.c. output. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which includes CISPR 22 for radiated emissions. Please note: These tests have been conducted by independent internationally recognised laboratories.

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