Vessel Alarm Monitoring, Information and Control Systems

VAMICS is an alarm monitoring and control system for marine projects produced by Jackson Electrical Industries Ltd. It consists of a PLC panel designed and built to fit customer’s requirements, connected to a range of display and monitoring touch screens and SCADA systems as required.

Fuji PLC, Touch Screens and SCADA systems are usually used in the VAMICS package, as it is known for its advanced technology support, simplicity and reliability (as well as because they conform with international standards). However VAMICS is a system designed and built to fit the customer’s requirement in terms of PLC and HMI brand packages and redundancy level required, e.g. introducing standby CPU, Remote IOs, or Loop Link Control system.

VAMICS is designed to work in commercial and private yachts, to monitor and control functions a variety of functions.

Alarm Monitoring

Warning or Alarm pop-up messages are displayed on Touch Screens with information about the incident and it’s location. VAMICS is designed to store many years of alarms history caused during cases of malfunction.


VAMICS can provide lighting control including navigation and exterior lighting systems, hydraulic system control, pumps control and generator load control.

Easy Alarm Troubleshooting

An easy alarm troubleshooting technique can be achieved with VAMICS, accessed from the systems display (through input and output status pages).

Adjustable and User friendly settings

VAMICS provides the user with the freedom of changing or modifying system settings through the systems’s display.

VAMICS can accurately monitor tank level of a non uniform shaped tank, with settings that can be easily configured without prior experience.


VAMICS can be expanded to satisfy any future requirements and developments by adding more modules to the existing system.

The core processing system is based on the use of standard products that have certification in accordance with Lloyd’s Register Group.

Remote Access

Modifications and updates needed in the program can easily be done via the modem.

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