Formliners for Vector Whitewater Park

Customer: HEB Construction
Project: Snappy Exterior, Fun Interior
Published: 2014

Auckland’s Vector Whitewater Park is New Zealand’s first artificial whitewater facility.

Jackson worked with HEB Construction to supply the concrete form-liners for the patterned pre-cast elements of the Park’s buildings and retaining walls.

We collaborated closely with the client from the outset to ensure the correct combination of flexible form-liners and hard formworks would deliver the exact configuration and finish. Accuracy, longevity and reusability of the supplied components were critical to the end goal.

We used our master tool material CaroC, a product that eliminates the traditional join lines common with standard master tool materials. CaroC is a grainless material which creates a high-spec machined surface and a flawless finish when sanded.

There were additional complications: The requested pattern matched existing panels already on the site. The textured areas needed to be identical. We had to establish what the texture was and then undertake reverse casting to translate the required finish into the textured areas of the form-liner.

To do this we took the original textured material and cast thin layers of poly rubber onto the surface. These were then precisely cut to shape on our programmable plotting table and inserted into the relevant areas of the master tool. The pattern was formed using a rubber form-liner.

With the elaborate pattern – incorporating angled and radial trenches – precisely-machined shuttering was required to accommodate various panel sizes and window block outs.

We supplied exact hard form shutters incorporating the original perimeter rebate detail which sat perfectly on the liner face in every instance. This eliminated any need for extra liners or cutting of the liners, effectively reducing overall cost to the client.