Future proof your charging: QIKFIT TUF 5A Type A&C

Customer: Jackson Industries
Project: Future proof your charging with QIKFIT TUF 5A Type A&C
Published: February 2017

The Elsafe QIKFIT ‘Twin USB Fast charger TUF’ has been developed to provide a compact power source for charging portable devices without the need for plug in chargers. Simply plug the device’s USB charging lead into either the Type-C or Type-A USB port for class leading charging performance. The QIKFIT Twin USB Fast charger is designed to be used in the Elsafe floor, desk and ceiling boxes.

Developed for full cross product capability the Elsafe QIKFIT Twin USB Fast charger (QIKFIT TUF charger) automatically communicates with the portable device connected so that it can then draw the optimum charging power. Able to fast charge one or two devices simultaneously at up to 6 x faster than a standard PC or laptop USB outlet, and comparable to OEM chargers, the QIKFIT TUF charger satisfies the demands of the most power hungry devices. It will even charge laptops including Apple MacBook and Google Pixel Chromebook.

The QIKFIT TUF charger circuitry includes protection against both input and output current overload and short circuits and has been independently tested to the latest Australian and European safety and EMC standards.

Qikfit TUF can be mounted into the majority of Elsafe products and is also available with a Thick Panel Frame for mounting into screens 3mm to 14mm thick.

Qikfit 2G Tuf5A A+C Brochure