Innovative Casting

Customer: Crow Refractory
Project: Burner block refractory Moulds
Published: June / 26 / 2014

In December 2013, Crow Refractory, a long-term and demanding customer embarked on a project surrounding the production of burner nozzle units. Crow required the tooling to be complete in early January 2014.

With the tooling due Early Jan 2014, for the production of burner nozzle units. Upon inspection, it was decided the only way we were going to meet delivery, come in on budget, and still have a holiday, was to simply cast a 400kg block of CaroC. Then load a 5 axis router full of tooling, program a high quality, stock-aware tool path, Simulate the job, Hit the start button and head off to the beach for 7 days – A mile stone in itself.

We then returned, and took multiple sets of “Low Profile” fiberglass production tooling from the master. The plan went without a issue, out of 20 days of production on this job, delivery was made within 1 day of projected outcome.