The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt 2015

Customer: Cheshire Architects
Project: The Whittaker's Big Egg Hunt 2015
Published: March 2015

The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt 2015

The brief from the artist at Cheshire Architects was to create an egg made from a single solid block of swamp Kauri, manufactured in two halves with intricately patterned surfaces, an internally mounted light source and glossed interior surfaces.

Cheshire Architects provided the mesh surfaces which Jackson prepared, and advised on manufacturing and limitations of the 5-axis process. The natural swamp Kauri material was received in a raw state which presented several machining complexities due to split grains. Jackson completed a survey of the material to ensure difficulties were avoided and to safeguard against crack propagation and other defects encountered in natural materials.

In regard to crack propagation and other defects, Jackson have invested significantly in R&D over the past few years developing their trademarked material CaroC which avoids these problems, and substantially reduces any post finishing requirement. As Jackson now work primarily with materials which avoid these exact issues it was a real test of the machining teams’ abilities, and the egg was produced with minimal fuss, no material failure, and in an efficient manner.

The egg was then taken by our craftsman who worked to bring out the deep natural qualities of the swamp Kauri and tidied the natural defects which the CNC team had machined around. Jackson delivered as usual on both a tight turnaround and budget. The egg is currently being displayed as part of the Big Egg Hunt until the 7th April 2015, and will then be auctioned for the Starship Foundation as one of 20 eggs at a gala cocktail event on 31 March 2015.