Site Servicing

Jackson Industries provides a full in house or on site testing and repair service for all lifeguard and electrical equipment.

Site Setup and Layout:
Our representatives are available to call in to your office or site to advise and assist with your site planning and layout.

Power Connection:
Our Electrician will liaise with you and the Power Authorities to get services to site, to arrange meter boards, distribution boards and the necessary inspections, and also issue Certificates of Compliance.

Site Office and Sheds Services:
Our electrician will connect power to your construction amenities as required.

Security and Construction Lighting:
Temporary lighting for security, Flood lighting for working, Egress lighting for stairwells and pedestrian safety lighting.

Cranes and Hoists:
Power supplies to Tower cranes, AliMac personnel and material hoists, concrete slip formers, De-watering pumps etc.

Testing of Site Services:
Our electrician will come to site as required to Test and Tag all electrical equipment in terms of the requirements of OSH.

We pride ourselves on providing:
• Prompt service.
• Minimal disruption to site by carrying spare lifeguard units for usage during testing.
• Highly trained staff specializing in lifeguards testing.
• Fully stocked van for all repairs.
• Free loan of equipment while repairs being carried out.

Electrical Safety Test Sheet supplied on completion of testing in compliance with AS/NZS3760

Site Servicing

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